The Sunday Newspaper Readers VIRTUAL Club @ your own home @ 9:00am to noon

Sundays during shelter-in-place 2020 (Weekly)

Reading the Sunday paper is a big commitment. But it doesn't have to be when you divvy it up & share. Pick your preferred newspaper; your favorite section; & an article within that section to R-E-A-D in full, thoroughly, from start to finish. We read quietly to ourselves on camera in our own homes, just sharing the virtual space. Once we've each read an article, each of us presents a synopsis of what we've read, & then we L-I-S-T-E-N to others do the same. Become an 'instant expert'! Civil discussion only; no hijacking the group.

Storytellephone (Ongoing)

Stuck at home & looking for a diversion? How about some virtual storytelling? What's needed for this experiment are storytellers, listeners, and folks willing to do both! All are welcome: from novices, to erstwhile raconteurs, to veterans. First-timers, NB: You neither have to have your own source material nor be afraid of the stage (because there isn't one). Anybody who wants to play needs high-speed internet & a webcam. Even a smartphone with video capability will likely do the trick; let's try!

'The Long Enough Trail' @ Before Your Time (Podcast)

'The Long Enough Trail' is the latest episode of Before Your Time, a podcast from the Vermont Historical Society and Vermont Humanities. Listening to an episode is like taking a virtual trip inside the stacks of the historical society itself! Episodes center on objects in their collection that tell us something unique about our state. This one's about the end-to-end reports deposited by some of the first folks to found, through-hike, & love Vermont's "footpath in the wilderness"—including the first women to do so!

extempo @ Bridgeside Books, 29 Stowe St in Waterbury VT @ 7:00pm

POSTPONED: Check back here for reschedule later in the year

extempo has so enjoyed partnering with Bridgeside over the years that we bring you: Venue Appreciation Night. Free admission, vote with cash or check for your favorite stories, and Bridgeside has selected the Children's Literacy Foundation as the beneficiary of your voting dollars. Venue Appreciation Night = Storyteller Appreciation Night, meaning this is extempo with a twist. Storytellers will be covering each other's first-person true stories!? Heard a story at extempo YOU'd like to cover? Sign up now by emailing

  • FREE admission, but bring your $5s, $10s, a $20, or a check to vote with: CLiF fun-raiser!
  • Food & beverages available for purchase on site (via Stowe Street Cafe.)
  • Open all day. Stories from 7:00 to 9:00.,, 802-244-1441.

Summer-Long 'Used Art' Treasure Hunt (Annually)

from Saturday June 20 2020 to Tuesday September 22 2020

Love art? This event's for you! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to spend summer scavenging through boot, estate, garage, jumble, moving, rummage, tag, & yard sales; bazaars; flea markets; swap meets; whole-house cleanouts; etc to find the best work of art at the best price. Both "best"s are subjective. Then, after summer has ended, we'll hold an art opening & reception, where we hang our finds as an art show! All works must be displayed at the exhibit and from there may be bought, sold, or held (labeled: 'not for sale') as desired.

S.L.U.A.T.H. was so much fun last year; we found some great stuff and engaged in a provocative show & tell at the exhibit. Many people commented over email that they hadn't participated but wanted to see photos of what S.L.U.A.T.H.s had found. If you want to see what art we find, please definitely join us by hunting art yourself! More hunters out there this summer = more fun.

The Best of Extempo @ Bookstock in Woodstock VT @ 7:00pm

Friday July 31 2020 (Special Event!)

This year, extempo is honored to be part of Vermont's premiere literary festival: Bookstock! The Best of Extempo is a 'greatest-hits' show (in 2020 featuring the standout stories of 2015), because while storytelling is meant to be ephemeral, it's a shame when a good story is told but once! So if you missed these storytellers on stage the first time, do not miss them again: Maggie Mae Anderson, Samara Anderson, Deena Frankel, Kevin Gallagher, Nicole Grubman, John Mascitti, Dennis McSorley, Hilary Niles, Steve Pappas, Justin Sargent, & Bill Torrey.

WORST. SONG. EVER. @ the Old Labor Hall, 46 Granite St in Barre VT @ 8:00pm

Saturday November 21 2020 (Annually)

WORST. SONG. EVER. is a lighthearted live music competition that is open to any level of talent. Whether you are a musician, hobbyist, or hack...SIGN. UP. NOW. Then take the stage and cover your least favorite pop song, from any era, in any way that you like! You can perform solo or with others/in a band; a cappella or accompanied; (but absolutely no karaoke, song parodies, or original music). There's audience voting, and the WORST. TROPHIES. EVER. are awarded at the end! This event is shot out of a cannon and will make your head explode.,, 802-331-0013.

Stayed tuned! Look for the rescheduling of extempo's Storyteller Appreciation Night of ALL COVERS, and in late October, keep your fingers crossed for an extempo fright-night or two!

2020 = experimental events, test productions, and some new event forms. Please continue to check back here for occasional productions that subvert the dominant paradigm. Want to be invited or notified? Email